Happy New Year! It’s resolution time.

Hey y’all. 🙂 I haven’t forgotten about the blog, it’s just been quite the time lately. I had taken my self-imposed break, and then the holidays hit, and I’ve had quite the time recently. Because of a bank fuck-up, we had next to nothing to spend for the holidays, so I didn’t get to be all domestic as I’d wanted. Fuck it, it is what it is. I got to spend time with my fiance, that’s the most important thing to me. Same for New Year’s Eve. Because of the fuck-up, we had to sink most of our checks into rent for this month, so we just didn’t have the money to do anything “fun” with … though honestly, I quite enjoy staying home and hanging out. We watched Mr. Nanny in full MST3K mode and had a blast. Who says you need a large party to have fun?

So, as far as resolutions … man, I suck at them. I really do. I don’t think there are too many people that actually are good at keeping them. I think it’s because we make a broad, sweeping, large goal that sounds good and that we probably do want to do, but we ignore the fact that in order to accomplish the large goal, we must make little goals to achieve. There is one remnant left over from my Christian days, a quote that I still find to be true: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” While it poses the odd goal of eating a large creature (are elephants even tasty?) it speaks to the true nature of achieving large goals: there must be clear, concise, easily attainable little goals that build up and lead to the achievement of the large, overarching goal. You can’t change everything overnight, but at the same time, you must change something in order to get it started, or else (if you’re anything like me) you’ll procrastinate and put it off until Oh shit, it’s November, and I haven’t done anything.

So, what are my goals for this year? Weight loss, same as last year (did not get any weight loss done last year 😛 whoops). But instead of making a big goal and that’s that, I’m making little goals that I can easily achieve. Using one of my checks this month (depending on what I’ll need out of each of them) I will put in an order for DDPYoga. I’ve heard great things about it, and even got a recommendation from a personal friend, so I’m going to go for it. I need exercise, but with my asthma the way it is, straight-up cardio is just a no go. Plus, I really want to increase my range of motion and flexibility, and I think this is will be my best bet. I’m going to make a much more concerted effort to cut out pop (or soda, or coke, depending on your regional preference) from my intake, even diet pop. I’ve found great flavoured packets to add to bottled water, and I also have some recommendations from a few friends on substitutes. My little goal for this? I’m not going to buy it at the grocery store, and I will start limiting myself at work by one less per week until I get down to none. As far as more diet-specific things go, I’m still looking into nutrition and working out a plan that will be affordable for me, but I’ve decided to not push myself into an overload by focusing on minutiae that I can’t do anything about right now. Until the DDPYoga is received, I will focus on portions and eating more slowly. It’s actually easier for me to eat healthier food than it is to eat better portions.

This is actually a much more feasible way than what I did last year, and just joined a gym (that I ended up not going to very much) and grabbing some healthy food with no real plan on keeping it up or cutting out junk. I need to do this for my health, and I think that this will be the year it will get done.

Another little resolution I have is to put more content on my blog. And not just this blog, but another blog I’m running. I have one a blogspot connected to my Google+ (that I never really use), but I’m actually contemplating moving it over here, because I actually find it more interactive and I like the interface better than blogger. That will be a bit of an undertaking, but I think the move will be worth it. Once the transition is completed, I will make an effort for at least one post per week per blog. More is okay (and personally encouraged!), but the bare minimum will be one per week. The reason is because I’d like to start looking for a more writing-oriented job, but in looking through them, I’ve seen a lot require some sort of demonstration of writing, like a blog, which is perfectly acceptable and reasonable when hiring for a writing position. But I don’t want a bare bones blog to offer them, so I’d started my body mod blog back in August (I think) to start putting stuff out there. I faltered in September when internet at our house got spotty, and then I got busy with other things, but I’m going to put a renewed effort into it, because I want to show that not only can I write, but that I can write consistently over time.

So far, I’ve accomplished one small goal so far: writing this post! Yay! I love achieving goals. 🙂 See? It’s only the second day in January 2015, and I’m already on it. Small goals > large goals. I have a blog post mostly written, so next week I plan on finishing it and posting it. Also, if I find an essay that I wrote in college, I will post that as well. I had kind of wanted to post it after my friend’s death, as I had written it about my uncle’s death and I thought it would be appropriate, but I haven’t had the time to look for it lately. If I find it before I finish and edit the other post, I’ll write it up and post it instead. I’d seen it before the move, and I’m pretty sure I know where it is. All in all, though, things are going pretty well, as far as my resolutions go. I hope to keep them up throughout the year. To anybody who sticks with me through it, thank you. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! It’s resolution time.

  1. Good to see you back to blogging, and it’s also good to know that you made it through the holidays (even with the bank issues). I don’t engage in New Year resolutions, in all honesty. For starters, I celebrate the new year at Samhuinn. I’ll go through all the usual routines for the calendar new year when others are involved – even if I don’t observe the holiday, I can still help others celebrate! – but I don’t get into the personal things like resolutions. I’ve also made it a habit to not set concrete goals for myself, with attached timelines … I’ve tried this before, with miserable results. Instead, I simply try to remind myself whenever possible that there are things I would really like to get done, and look for opportunities to make those things happen.

    A body mod blog? That sounds quite interesting! Other than tattoos, and a couple of old piercings that I let grow back after over a decade of not using, I can’t really claim much in the way of body modifications. Despite my last tattoo having been inked nearly 20 years ago, I am still not done … I’m one of those who insists on waiting until I feel the tattoo, the artist, and myself are in perfect alignment before proceeding.

    Good luck with all your endeavors this year!


    1. Your approach to resolutions sounds a lot like how I’m approaching mine this time around. I’m not setting a specific timeline (other than a general “after I get the dvd sets, obviously 😛 ) just small little goals here and there to hit. I’m just kind of a lazy person in general (another flaw to work on) so I’m hoping that not setting date-specific goals and missing them will counter any discouragement I’ll feel if that happens (which, c’mon, I know it would, despite my best efforts).

      And thanks! I’ll probably post a link to my new blog once it’s fully up and running. I’ll be running them separately (not going to mix business and pleasure 😛 ) but body modification is a subject which I’m always interested in. Even if I don’t plan on getting a certain something done, I like looking into it and researching it. I only have three tattoos so far (the monies, I do not has) but I have a great many ideas for future ones, along with 12 piercings, two of them (my lobes) stretched to 5/8 (16mm).

      I’m quite glad to be back at blogging, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the whole swing of things soon!


      1. Just to clarify, when you wrote about the 12 piercings: are these piercings part of your ideas for future body mods; or are they already in place?

        Once upon a time, I wanted to study bear behavior in the wilderness. I thought, since so many bears get their ears tagged, maybe I should get my cartilage pierced so I might have just a little idea of what the poor bears are put through. I spent six months not really sleeping comfortably, and wound up taking the ring out (for reasons other than lost sleep).

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      2. I currently have 12 in my body as we speak (err, type). I had some more, but I took them out. It’s pretty rare for me to take them out, though. I used to have my lobes triple pierced, but I took out the last two piercings when I started stretching my original holes because they were too close together.

        And I feel ya on the cartilage. I have an industrial in my right ear and three helix type of cartilage piercings in my left ear, plus a conch type of cartilage piercing in my left ear as well. (I actually got the conch and the industrial at the same time. Do not recommend.) Sometimes, even now (I’ve had them for eight years) if I sleep on my ears weird, I’ll wake up with sore piercings. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not enough to make me take them out.

        I’m pretty much done, as far as piercings go. Of course, I’ve said that before, and have gotten two more since. 😛 (tongue and septum) There are a couple I’m considering, but I take a while to think about it, so who knows if it will ever actually get done. Once I can get up some money, I want to focus on some tattoos. I have an awesome idea for getting Jormungandr on me, as a bracelet tattoo around my wrist, and have his head grasping his tail on my hand.


      3. The Jormundgandr tattoo sounds like a really nice idea – what does the snake represent to you? Otherwise, I can only shake my head in wonder … your poor ears! I can definitely relate to you when it comes to taking time to really consider what you do next. My first tattoo came five years after I decided I wanted one. I already knew the image – and it was a simple one – but I wanted to wait until I met a tattoo artist I was able to resonate with. That artist wound up inking me twice, the last was (I’m guessing off the top of my head) 15 years ago. For the last 5 years, I’ve been pondering a modification of my first tattoo. For the last year, I’ve known what it will be; but have yet to find the artist. I thought I had found him once; but the day before my appointment, I had really bad feelings about the artist and cancelled. For me, it all has to be right, or I’m content to practice patience a while longer 🙂

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      4. I understand and am actually a huge proponent of making sure you vibe with your artist. Despite how good they may be, if you don’t vibe right, you may not get something you’re satisfied with, or just may simply have a less than stellar experience.

        Jormungandr is one of Loki’s children, as you know 😛 and since Loki is one of my patron deities, I’m having each of his children inked on me in some way. He also represents grounding to me, and is also probably going to be the easiest out of all of his siblings as well. So, a deep reason and a practical reason all mixed in together.


      5. I am not one who feels Loki is necessarily as ‘evil’ as many believe him to be. I have a strong relationship with Odin; and it seems very unlike the Odin I have come to experience, to so severely misjudge a being. I believe the lore during the Viking Age (particularly surrounding both Odin and Loki) was altered to suit political purposes. It was altered again after the Viking Age. This does not mean that I reach out to Loki; but at the same time, if I felt his presence in my life, I doubt I would have a knee-jerk reaction to block him out without at least seeing for myself how things developed. Overall, I honor Odin as the alpha in his pack, and I see Loki as filling the role of the omega … a role we now understand to be as vital for the health of the pack as that of the alpha and his mate.

        That being said ….

        I like the similarities between Jormundgandr and the Ouroboros. I’ve worn an Ouroborus as a necklace pendant in the past. I am also connected in some ways to snakes, having been bitten by rattlesnakes twice with no damage done from venom (either I have a singular immunity to the venom; or both times I just got lucky enough that the snake chose not to employ its venom). You’re right about the simplicity of Jormundgandr, as opposed to Loki’s other children: I’ve yet to find a depiction of Hel that I actually liked; a wolf is not always the easiest to draw, without making it look like a stoned puppy (most wolf tattoos I’ve seen seem to have this sort of face on the wolf) … Fenrir as a little stoned puppy is something I could scarcely imagine.

        Sleipnir, however, might not be too terribly hard to get right.

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      6. I’ve felt Loki’s presence quite a bit, especially after I fully devoted myself to paganism and “got off the fence”, as it were. Little things will come up in my life that are inconveniences and are frustrating, but they often turn out to put me in a better position or reveal something that I would have wanted to know, or happen at a more opportune time so they can be addressed rather than inevitably happening later and at a time where it couldn’t be addressed. The trickster likes to play around with me, but it benefits me in the end, so I appreciate it. 🙂 I also have a connection with Athena, so I’ll also want to get an owl on me somewhere as well, possibly incorporated as a chest piece (but still undecided).

        Out of Loki’s children, Hel will probably be the last I get on me. I’ll have to find and connect with a really great artist and probably collaborate on something completely original. I have a scant vision in my head from a snippet of a dream I had once, but I’ve not found anything remotely like it in art. Fenrir, I’m also not sure about, though am considering incorporating him with Hel. Sleipnir, though, I have a clear vision of: the eight-legged horse rearing back on the outside of my left thigh.


      7. From what I understand of Loki, I would say the quality of his that I have the most respect for is that he is a catalyst for change … if he sits still long enough to utter the phrase ‘status quo,’ then he’s been idle for too long, seems to be what I gather about him. As such, transformation is one of his areas of expertise … we see this also with his shape-shifting ability, and also with his eating competition with fire in the hall of Utgard-Loki, as fire is generally an element associated with transformation. Viewed in this light, I can see where Loki may have been a handy influence to have in your life, as you transformed from your upbringing into your own mind and beliefs. Athena would be a great balance to Loki: wisdom to balance cleverness.

        When you get your tattoos done, I would definitely be interested in seeing pictures!

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