crimson tears

My fiance has decided to join the world of wordpress. Welcome to the madness. 🙂


One week after the passing of my father, I was standing outside staring at the night sky trying to determine which star belonged to my dad. Suddenly the wind blew a crisp breeze from my right. As I glanced in said direction, I was shocked to see what appeared to be my dad standing at the top of a very steep hill with his back facing me. Without delay I ran faster than I’ve ever ran before. As I drove my feet into the ground with substantial force as if I only knew how to move in one direction, I couldn’t help but notice that, without taking any steps at all my dad was gradually moving out of reach. The realization of losing him again was a concept that was too painful to bear or consider so, I found a way to run even faster. How fast you ask? So…

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